Deed of assignment

Why do we collect certificate after graduating from a school?Why collect a receipt after a purchase?All these documents likewise deed of assignment for land are all super important because they serve as PROOF. To not collect a deed of assignment for the property purchased from the buyer is tantamount to throwing your money in the ocean and hoping the waves won’t carry it away. Simply put, your deed of assignment is thelegal living proof that the property purchased will be transferred to you on a defined date by the rightful owner. Never accept a receipt for the property bought has an evidence of ownership because it is the same thing has fetching water with a basket. The deed of assignment for land has to be recorded in the land registry to show legal proof and to bring to the notice of everyone that the property has been transferred from the seller to the buyer.


The seller who transfers his rights to that property is usually called the assignor and the person who receives such right from the seller is called the assignee.The deed of assignment can be in the form of a governor’s consent or registered conveyance which must include: names of the people involved in the agreement, the origin and history of the land in relation to the transfer of ownership from the specified period it was obtained until the present day of sale, addresses of both parties involved in the transaction ,successors, representatives , description and size of the land to be transferred, the signature of the parties to the assignment and witnesses to the transaction and space for signature of the commissioner of oaths or governor’s Consent. All the above features are the important aspect of a deed of assignment and must be included in the documents for it to be valid.


In particular order, the cover page of the deed of assignment must show the parties involved in the transaction and the description of the land sold. The second page of the deed of assignment must contain the parties to the transaction and the brief history of how the land became the Seller’s property. The third page must contain the description of the land to be sold, the surveyor that did it, the cost of the land, the acceptance of the cost of the land and the promises both parties will make to themselves to abide with after the deal has been sealed. The final page must show the signatures of the parties and the witnesses to that transaction and finally below, the section for the commissioner of oaths to endorse or the governor to assent his consent to this transaction.


Ensure you consult a lawyer before you buy a land to help prepare a deed of assignment. It will be a grave mistake not to seek a lawyer’s counsel about the deed of assignment so you don’t get scammed of your money.

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